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Candidates for Interurban Clinical Club membership are nominated by Active Members. The nominating member constructs a letter to the INTERURBAN CLINICAL CLUB COUNCIL of approximately 2 pages summarizing professional and personal qualifications of the nominee. Typically such a letter will review the academic and scholarly achievements and scientific contributions of the individual and will provide an assessment of his/her stature in the field. Unique aspects of candidacy should be emphasized. The letter must be signed by four members (three plus nominating members). The updated CV of the nominee should be submitted with the letter. Additional letters of support may be solicited, although these are not required for the nomination. They may, however, be helpful to the Council. The original plus seven copies of the above-mentioned materials should be submitted to the Councilor of the city of the nominee. The Councilor will bring these to the Council meeting. One copy shouldbe sent to the Secretary/Treasurer’s office. For consideration at April meetings a nominee must be nominated by March 27 preceding the meeting, and for November meetings a nominee must be nominated by October 22 preceding the meeting. The nominator must fully explain the workings of the Club to the nominee and what the obligations that membership entails.

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